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The Living Recital

December 20th, 2020 - Tunes of life invigorated the ears of nearly 100 guests for Living Angelic's 3rd music recital -- The Living Recital.

Over 18 students presented their God-given talents with strings, keys, and vocals. These gifted youths ranged in age from as young as 6 to 15 years old.

The program included songs both New and Old.

Midway through the recital, guests were presented with a unique opportunity to help save the world. Living Angelic hosts, Irene and Elliot, pledged to help save trees and raise awareness along with ASEZ WAO through its Green Workplace campaign.

ASEZ WAO is an international organization that vigorously makes every effort to help the world as a global family. Its members consist of young adult workers from the World Mission Society Church of God from over 7,500 Churches in 175 countries. United with great passion and positivity, its members volunteer to fulfill the mission to "Save the earth from A to Z - We Are One" -- the meaning contained in its acronym.

Currently, ASEZ WAO members are raising awareness for the Green Workplace campaign to take action to protect our environment from climate change. How? With 11 simple steps, we can make a big difference to save trees, water, and electricity.

The Living Angelic team pledged to participate and the children wanted to also join and do their part to leave an even smaller carbon footprint.

After the presentation, the recital continued with the second half of the performances.

The guests gave an 'unmuted' ovation for the courageous efforts of the young musicians. Some performed for the first time in front of an audience. It is not much to say that everyone was inspired to make the most of their time and practice to improve not only individual skills but also our global community.

The hosts gave a sneak preview regarding another engagement to help the environment along with the families and friends in attendance!

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