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Traditional board games Make the move to digital

Nothing is just fun and games. Mainly because playing games is no small thing. Gaming and, more specifically, board game activities have long been recognised as one of the best ways of training the mind to solve a major crisis. Playing some games expands people's basic understanding of human nature, as well as improving their awareness of their own particular dynamics in a larger group.

This may be due to the fact that playing games, especially for the person playing the game, can tell a lot about the person playing the game. In an age of self-exploration and a newly expressed desire to truly understand oneself, there has been an interest in board games. Naturally, as the internet age began, the traditional board games we played as children, and even young adults, were all recreated online.

Missing the good old days

People tend to stick to activities that remind them of the carefree nature of their childhood years. This is probably the simplest explanation for why perfectly intelligent and well-rounded adults are still vaguely drawn to almost too simple things like snakes and ladders. The premise is basic: when returning to the dice, players move the appropriate counters on the board according to the number of spaces allowed by the dice. If the counter lands on the bottom of the ladder, the player can go up the ladder, which puts the counter much further down the game board. However, if the counter lands on the head of the snake, this means that there is a problem and the counter must slide the snake all the way to the tail, which will be on the lower or worse position on the board.

Not just nail-biting, but we are still going back to old acquaintances.


The truth is that games cover a wide range of human behaviour and come in every imaginable package. For example, Monopoly is a board game that has been around for a very long time. Even its origin reveals much about human nature. The game was developed during a period of time that was affected by the financial depression. The game reflected the economy at that time; a time when the rich were acquiring more and more at the absolute expense of the very poor.

It is enough, then, that the 'Mr Monopoly' in the box is not based solely on JP Morgan.

Since its humble beginnings, Monopoly has been recreated many times, with colours and different elements added along the way. Obviously, it has also entered the online arena, where the online industry now profits from people playing old classics on the airwaves. It has even gone into the Casino Market online casino sector, with slots and other games featuring the famous board, the hat, the dog and other instantly recognisable symbols.

Do something

The fact is that many people are looking for an affordable night out rather than going out and spending hundreds of dollars on expensive entertainment. Board games are the ultimate indulgence and best of all; it's cheap entertainment at its best.

Online surfing companies are quick to turn off people willing to spend a small amount of money on in-game currency and even useful virtual gambling software from other players. Payments are made through PayPal and other online currency market places. Online companies presenting old classic game titles in imaginative new ways are making a small fortune because in the end it all adds up.

When old meets new

While most people tend to stick with what they know, no one wants to feel like they are being left behind, so as traditional as they may be, they want to experience that they are somehow going into the future with the rest of digital humanity.

Playing traditional board games online is a great meeting in the middle. People now have the opportunity to stick to the games that they have known and loved since they were little kids, but with the feeling that they are actually moving with the times.

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